Executive and Leadership

2014_01_23KathyKessler 020Knowledge doesn’t guarantee success in today’s constantly shifting world. Working harder or longer won’t do it either. Success requires the ability to lead through both successful and challenging times, to articulate a compelling vision, inspire and influence others, coach and develop people so they thrive in their positions, and to adapt quickly to change.

You have invested significantly in your career. You’ve accomplished much through intelligence, determination, and hard work. Yet you would like to experience more ease through:

  • Communicating more boldly
  • Balancing competing interests
  • Experiencing a deeper leadership presence
  • Building a stronger support network
  • Strengthening emotional intelligence
  • Developing your team more effectively
  • Delegating more seamlessly
  • Better organization and productivity
  • Devoting more energy to other areas of your life
  • Deeper connection to family
  • Exploring retirement or other paths
  • Navigating transition and new responsibilities

“My coaching engagement with Kathy provided me with new insights and targeted actionable approaches. Through her guidance and collaboration I was able to focus on advancing my skills in key areas that mattered to me and to my career. She is not only the consummate professional, but a joy to know. She has my unqualified recommendation.”

~ Phila, Partner, Chicago, IL.

“When we started, I had no idea how transformative coaching would be. Kathy is compassionate, patient, warm, and truly gifted in this discipline. With her guidance through specific coaching exercises and conversations, I learned so much—I grew as a person and a professional. Overall, I am now happier, more focused and self-assured. For me, coaching with Kathy was an investment that returns benefits in countless ways every single day.”

~ Kristine, Small Business Owner

“When we began our coaching sessions 6 months ago, little did I know, I was going to begin a journey of real change. In just a few months, I have done the things I wished for, but so much more and through a different route than I anticipated. Kathy, your insight to me and others in the company has been extraordinary. Before we started on this journey, my department was pulling in different directions. Now, I feel like I have a team behind me. Who would have thought that my whole department would change because I changed. I am much more balanced. The stress is still there, but I am handling it better. This is allowing me to work on the big things and not worry about the petty stuff. My team is more productive. They are working together and taking initiative. They are more focused on goals and accountability because I am.”

~ Allan, CFO, Madison, WI