Leaders at a recent World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland echoed this thought: We are about to enter a new era, a new world. We have a choice as to the world we want to create. The more important question is…who do we have to be to step into the journey.

This journey is not dependent on title or location. It is about deepening our leadership no matter where we find ourselves right now. Part of leadership is attending to our life; feeling the power that comes from choosing the world we want to create in and outside of organizations.

All coaching is life coaching. The same competencies (and deficiencies) that we draw upon in our business we bring to our relationships, our art, and our sports. Likewise, what we bring to the rest of our lives, we bring to our business life. This insight allows us to draw from the successes we have had in other life realms and apply them to our business life.

Life gives us different entry points for knowing ourselves and for coaching. We have the choice to step into one of these points to know ourselves more deeply; how we impact those around us. Make the choice. Take action. Create the world you want to see and live.

Customized coaching program

Each program is completely customized and based on what you bring to coaching – your personality, beliefs, experience, intentions – and the change that you’d like to bring forth.

Phase I: Establish the Relationship

Learn about you; get perspective and context for your world. Get clarity on your needs and desired results through a self-assessment questionnaire and interview.

Phase II: Gain Multiple Perspectives

When appropriate, interview stakeholders for meaningful feedback on your strengths and opportunities.   Prioritize development areas based on an analysis of the data.

Phase III: Coach for Results

Agree on a coaching plan with 3-4 behavioral outcomes. This is your roadmap for new action; taking you from where you are to where you want to be. Between our coaching sessions you engage in custom-designed practices, readings and exercises to increase your self-awareness, take new action and achieve the results you need.

Duration – Six-month program with bi-weekly one-on-one coaching sessions. Review, renew, or bring to a close based on progress and discussion

Location – In person, by phone, or by Skype (kathy.kessler)

Cost – Varies; limited opportunity for sliding scale outside of organizations

Results – as felt and defined by you
You’ll incorporate self-defined new habits in your daily life that allow you to:

  • Lead from a felt sense of power
  • Find direction and meaning in your work and life
  • Develop balance and resilience in your life
  • Experience deeper relationships
  • Produce the results you intend